Brothers in Arms 3 strategy and tips and tricks

Brothers in Arms 3 is the latest game released (2014) in Gearbox’s series “Brothers in Arms” which is a step up from Brothers in Arms 2 (2010). In order to play Brothers in Arms 3 you must have a mobile device running either IOS or Android OS.


What kind of experience will you have when you download the free game off of the app/play store? A beautifully created WWII shooter. Upon entering the first level of chapter one you’ll notice a few things:


The game is energy based. While this can be a huge turn off for more serious mobile gamers – Believe me, I’ve been there- When you consider how long most people sit down to play an app for, a large portion of the players won’t face too much frustration with the energy system. If you’re sitting down for a couple games of multiplayer rather than the single player campaign then you may want to consider putting down a couple bucks for “Gold VIP” which allows you to have 7 days of unlimited energy plus more exclusive features.

brother in arm character


Controlling your player is simple and has common controls when compared to other mobile shooters. Playing Brothers in Arms 3 will require both hands to play effectively. Unlike a lot of other mobile shooters your character doesn’t have to hit a special button to take cover – which is a good thing. If you walk behind a piece of cover your player will automatically (unless you are firing) take cover to protect himself. You also have free reign over your characters movement. This leads to more dynamic play styles and can indulge the run-and-gun market as well.


Before you go and download Brothers in Arms 3 it might be a good idea to took at some tips and tricks to improve your strategy right out the gate. The first tip is focus on enemy firing patterns. Each enemy will fire within a pattern and then pause to reload or take a breather. To avoid taking a lot of damage, wait until your enemy is taking a break from firing at you to fire back at them. While you can’t have a 100% firing free area when there’s more than 3 enemies, only returning fire when a couple of them are hiring at you will greatly reduce the amount of damage you take.


The second tip & trick is to take advantage of the free reign movement mechanic. Often times there will be more than one piece of cover for your character to hide behind and it’s likely you’ll have an AI ally with you. If you can flank the enemy this will lead 2 targets for your enemy rather than just firing the the piece of cover both you and your ally are behind. Depending on placement this can also limit the amount of enemies that can fire at you from your location.


Brothers in Arms 3 is highly-recommended and can be fun with or without spending real money on in-game purchases. Happy downloading.

Brothers in Arms 3 Trailer Video

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Summoner Wars Tips And Tricks

A rare gem for mobile devices, Summoner Wars uses cards to hone magic attacks on a battlefield. Each
player assumes the role of a spell caster with different techniques at their disposal. Playdek was
the leading developer during the initial stages of coding the game itself. An iOS version was the
first to be released for an awaiting audience in 2012. That was followed up by an Android version,
unveiled to fans in early 2014. Each version has received updates that increased the spells and
techniques used in any Summoner Wars strategy.


Basic Rules For Players To Follow:


The game supports 2-4 players simultaneously on the battlefield. Each will receive a set of cards
and attributes based on their chosen role. They will have to carefully choose when to unleash
their attack spells to deal damage accordingly. Some opponents may have defensive capabilities
that nullify traditional attacks. There are strategies and tactics to be honed on behalf of an
awaiting audience.


Online tournaments and challenges may be met by confident players. Repeated playthroughs will
hone strategies taken by those dedicated to their deck. Dealing out damage is the goal of any
combat situation on the battlefield. A wave of attackers may be unleashed on defending players,
rendering them unable to cast spells of their own.


Choose User Name And Abilities:


A user name will be instantly recognizable among those already online. Setting up a network
of friends is easier than ever with the introduction of unique spells. A Summoner Wars strategy
takes careful concentration on behalf of an awaiting combat opponent. The selected 2-4 players
may trade blows until damage is dealt and a coup d’grace is delivered.


Abilities vary depending on the Summoner Wars strategy put in to effect. Cross platform play
has been enabled, allowing Android and iOS users to clash together. Developers hope that it
will spark rivalry and even debate over the best possible format for the game. A few updates
have even been issued based on advice from experienced players. Feedback is always welcome
on behalf of the Summoner Wars team.


Summoner Wars Tips And Tricks:


Stunning graphics are only part of the story behind the game. Developers have practically set
the standard for strategic, card-based games in a mobile environment. Successful players have
to choose their moments when they unleash a range of spells. It is possible to stack spells
for a more devastating attack level against opponents. Experience counts and players may
draw in more powerful spells if they win out over other players.

New Player Starting Guide for Summoners War Sky Arena – Newbie Tips and Tricks

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Hay Day Game Review

Built by Supercell, Hay Day game for Android and Apple is a free Farming game where one plays by taking care of farm work. Its setting is on a huge farm, where the game requires one to handle all business concerning the farm, from crops to livestock. Hay Day by Supercell operates similarly to a farm, and through the game, the player indulges in day-to-day activities such as feeding the farm animals, growing and harvesting of crops and other manual tasks such as painting the silo and selling produce from the farm.

Game Play

The game is comfortable to play, with the easy controls and the guide of the crow, especially when starting the game. The game has in-app purchases on the rewards that help the player maintain the farm, but the Hay Day hack tools are easy to by-pass the purchases. The game runs on a timer, where as the crops take time to grow, from minutes to hours. Performing these farm tasks will get the player coins and increase the level of play. For every level, there are new things to discover, such as being able to acquire plots that will increase one’s yields.

After completing achievements, one receives diamond rewards that are usable in certain upgrades. The aim of the game is to bring the farm to its full operational capacity and supply the community with produce from the farm. Diamond rewards are usable in speeding up the crop timers to avoid the game catching you unawares, when one is not able to play.

The cons of the game arise where one has to wait for the timers to harvest, and the timer does not stop, meaning it can run out when one is not playing the game thus, spoiling the produce.

The game has a loophole where the player is able to get unlimited coins and diamonds free. The hay day hack works on all android devices. Download the Hay Day Hack tool to the computer, launch and connect the Android phone. The application will detect the phone and from the selection, one is able to select unlimited number of coins and diamonds. The resources will automatically add to one’s device. There is also an android application known as Hay Day Cheat that through it, one can hack the game from the Android device. In addition, an online Hay Day hack is able to hack the game, using one’s Hay Day username details and send the rewards directly to one’s device.

Hayday Tips and Trick


Hay Day is a game to play for any age group; it is both fun and challenging to play. I play it everywhere I go to and it keeps me on my toes. The hay day hack is good for people like me who do not feel it is necessary to spend money on the in-app purchases. The game is very interactive and at the end of the day, there is nothing as good as checking how your farm is fairing on as you relax. The game has no age restrictions, so you can never be too old or too young to involve yourself in the Hay Day game.

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